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This Collection is supposed to provide all the information which are needed for all thinkable cases. So it containes user created Tutorials as well as Developer provided ones. Also included are Documents and Video tutorials as well as technical information.

DCS: A-10C Warthog


Update History

  • Tutorial Collection was merged with the Training Supplements page 12-14-2011
  • Weapon Employments / Air to Air Employment 07-31-2011
  • Advanced Information / Real life (Warthog) Resources 07-31-2011

Official Resources

Reference Documents

Wiki resources, PDFs and Forum links



Kneeboard Ressources

DCS Setup Tutorials

Training Videos

Common Video Tutorials

certain language Videos

Aircraft Systems

Ramp Start Tutorials

CDU Tutorials

Radio Tutorials

Navigation System Tutorials

Countermeasures system Tutorials

Emergency systems Tutorials
Not yet documented or listed here

Weapon Employment

General Weapon use

RWR (Radar Warning Reciever) Tutorials

Tutorials / Solutions according to SPI issues

Targeting Pod

Laser Guided Bomb Tutorials

Maverick Tutorials

JDAM Tutorials

Cluster Bomb Units (CBU) Tutorials

Rockets Tutorials

30mm GAU Tutorials

Air to Air Employment

JTAC Resources

PDF´s and Videos

Flight Fundamentals

public PDF Documents and links

Mission Editor guides

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