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This page is supposed to help you managing your Account and answer as much as possible of your questions as well as help you to understand how things are working.

Account details

This is the main page of the User profile
In the Personal information section you can see and edit User profile: Registration information (Name and E-mail) and Password change.
Also you can find a link to the DCS WWII: Europe 1944 backers support

Here below you can find information about funds on the bonus account and Subscription to TFC/ED Newsletter (English).

License Management Page - License check

There is a licensing page that lets you transfer serial numbers between DCS accounts, so if you have a module you don't fly, you could use that for your server or if you are selling it, so you can unbound it from your account and bound it to another.

Forum Post about License Management Page

Module Manager in the DCS World

Installing a Module using the Module Manager.
If you have purchased DCS module from the DCS e-shop, the easiest and fastest way to install the module is to use the Module Manager. To do so, please follow these steps:
1 - Run DCS World.
2 - From the Main Menu Page, click on Module Manager on the right side of the screen.
Module Manager 1.jpg
3 - From the Module Manager page, click on the Modules tab, located along the top of the screen.

Note: If you have purchased a New module through the DCS e-shop and open the Module Manager, DCS World will automatically detect the new purchase and you will be prompted to begin the installation.
Modules tab 1.jpg
4 - Listed below will be all the Modules that you have and can purchase. For modules that you have purchased through the DCS e-shop, an “Install” button is located on the right side of the entry. Click this button to install your purchase.
5 - Follow the prompted installation steps.

Installer File.
If for some reason this process fails, you can download the module’s installer file from this page:
Locate the module you wish to install and then click the gray “Download” or “Download Beta” button. Upon doing so, you will be brought to the installer download page in which you can select various mirrors to download the installer from. Once you have selected the mirror you wish, press the orange Download button. Once the installer is downloaded, double click on it to start the installation process.
However, we recommend first using the Module Manager. The installer files should only be used as a backup.

Steam Key.
If you purchased a DCS module on Steam and wish to use to activate the DCS World version as available here, you can do so.
Please follow these steps:
1 - Locate your Steam-purchased module key. To locate your key, open your Steam client and go to your Library. From your Steam Library, locate DCS World and then left click on it and select “View CD key”. Copy the key.
2 - Go to your Profile page and then enter they key in the License Check window
3 - Paste your Steam key in the “License check” window and press “Check”
4 - You will then be given the option to bind the key to your DCS World account.
5 - Once done, use the Module Manager to install the module as described above.