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Plugins and scripts setup

3ds Max plugins and scripts configuration.

The general concept of land in DCS series

Land in DCS is divided by type of data as follows:

A sample view of land
  • The main grid of the earth is represented by squares of 10x10 or 20х20 km (depending on the level of detail - of two). Far level of detail (LOD) is a four square near the level of detail with a simplified, but consistent on the edge vertices (needed to prevent the occurrence of "holes" when switching LOD-s in the game). Also in the relief cut these rivers (only with a large width), seas, fields. Each element of relief has its own semantics and materials. Processing and export of data using a global script and a few plug-ins (see below). In 3D max represented as Editable Mesh.
  • Additional or overhead surfaces - so objects of different types: roads, rivers, field boundaries, etc.. Each of them has its own semantics and materials. The main requirement - that the need for a full repetition of the basic polygonal mesh land (achieved by cutting special plug-ins). Also in this group include overhead objects airdromes. Some objects (eg roads) are stored in 3ds max in the form of splines and lines, but, nevertheless, in the game are shown as overhead. In 3D max represented as Editable Mesh or Editable Spline.
  • Scenes of the objects -- are presented as a set of planar objects, simulating three-dimensional shape of objects in the top view. Objects can arrange either manually or by using templates of pre-prepared overhead objects quarters. 3D models themselves are prepared separately.
  • Vector data. This data on the taxiways and airfield lighting system. Presented in the form of Editable Spline with relevant material and semantics.

The Preparation and Export of Terrain

The terrain is encompassed in the land.lsa2 file. It is incorporated with all overhead objects and all three-dimensional objects are placed on it.

Primary Surface of the Terrain - This includes creating, editing and optimization of a terrain mesh.

Other Surfaces of the Terrain - This includes overhead objects of all types including: rivers, water bodies, roads, rail lines, shorelines, neighborhoods, etc.

Objects on the Terrain - This includes all three-dimensional objects placed on the terrain to include: buildings, forests, power lines, etc.

Airfields - This section instructs how to create airfields.

Other Data - This section describes how to create the maps required for the F10 view and Mission Editor.

Lessons for the establishment of land for DCS

Using plugins

maxExportRoads - export, check and creation of roads.

maxExportScenes - export of the scenes (buildings, forest, etc.)

maxroadexport -

maxsuperficial - export land.lsa2, export onlay objects

MaxRoadnRiver - work with linear data of rivers, roads, and cut them into relief. Search functions are different types of intersections.

MaxStretchObject - alteration of land and fitting the data overhead and line objects under the relief.

MaxForest - Preparation of data for the forest. Working with different patterns. Adjustment of the city.

MaxLockOnUtils - a set of different utilities

Also in preparing the land is actively used Global MaxSsript plugin Editor.

Bags and Troubles

IMPORTANT!!! The List of Bags and Troubles that may accure during a land creation.


  • Plugins for 3dsMax 2008 32-bit:




  • Examples of land and textures:

Examples of land in 3dsMax files (version 3dsMax-7 and above)

Examples of textures

  • Other files:

Files material.lma.lua and crosstype.bin

  • Old documentation (LockOn)

Media:Terrain Design.rar